Top 10 Internet Marketing Mistakes

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An online marketing business is successful when you have increasing sales and profitability. If you’re doing it well, then there’s no reason why you should fail in your online venture.

But, some online businesses seem to run into severe problems and ultimately fail. There are a few common mistakes that online marketers commit and you as an online marketer should be careful to not commit those. The top 10 common mistakes are as follows:

1. Writing content only for Search Engines: There are many website owners who do a lot of keyword research using some of the best industry-standard keyword analysis tools and thus create content only for search engines. Stuffed with keywords, these contents naturally become a painful read for the actual website visitors. While these contents are good for the search-engine spiders, actual readers will soon leave the blog/website. This is one of the most common and harmful mistakes that website authors commit. If you want to stay in the market, then you should concentrate on your target audience and forget about writing for the search engines.

2. Spamming with the aim to build links: As we all know that link building is one of the important aspects at the initial phase of a blog’s life cycle, we commit a very common mistake by spamming our links here and there. If you want to rise up in the search engine rankings, then we need to get our blog noticed and to get noticed, we need to build links. But never forget that link building is not about quantity, rather it’s about quality. If we overdo it, then our links may be marked as spam which in turn will spoil your reputation in the blogosphere and can actually be penalized by the search engines.

3. Not considering the ROI: ROI (short form for “Return on Investment” is a very simple ratio between the benefit of an investment and the cost of the investment. You should ask yourself a few basic questions: ‘How much are your online campaigns costing’, ‘How much return are you getting out of your investment’. Well, initially the ROI might be low and you might notice only money draining out of your pocket without a single penny going inside your wallet. Keep monitoring your campaigns so that the costs never go wild.

4. Not having proper accessibility: You might have a blog/website which receives huge traffic every day. You might or might not have a very good design. In general, a clean looking template/design attracts more traffic. But, a design is not good until you have a good navigation because improper/poorly created site navigation can cause you to lose up to 15% of the visitors(which in turn might lead to a increase in the bounce rate). Right from the beginning you should consider making your site more accessible to your visitors.

5. Not considering about Returning Visitors: A first time visitor to your site/blog usually will know very less about you and what you have to offer. And it is natural that they won’t buy anything you recommend, since they don’t know you and your trust factor is ZERO among your first time visitors. But, if you are having a returning visitor probably for the second or third time, then they will already know you and also know what you have to offer to them. To be precise, your trust is now building up within your visitors. They might now be interested to buy products that you recommend. You should take advantage of this situation and encourage visitors to return to your site quite often. Give them enough reasons to subscribe to your email list or bookmark your site.

6. Bad Email Marketing: You must be building your email list/opt-in list of your visitors, right. Let me tell you, if you’re not doing this, then you should start doing this immediately, because this is a very easy way to get returning visitors. Through emails, you can get in touch with people who are interested in your offers. So start building your opt-in list and send some useful stuff to your subscribers in the form of weekly/monthly newsletters.

7. Not considering about offline opportunities: If your online marketing efforts have created some leads which might help you in expanding your business offline, then you should never forget those opportunities. These offline opportunities might help grow your business more.

8. Attracting visitors who don’t intend to BUY: Well this is quite a controversial point. Some people might say that traffic is good without considering the quality of the traffic. Some believe that there is no point in attracting thousands of visitors who don’t buy and instead we should attract few visitors who buy. Sounds confusing right? Well it depends on an individual’s perspective of how they believe their traffic is going to help them.

9. Reading, further reading and advanced reading: I believe nobody will deny the fact that learning is a continuous process. If you’re in the field of online marketing, then you have to keep learning new techniques. In this process of reading, we might get very much involved and pursue further reading about a new technique and then do advanced reading. In short, we might get addicted to reading. Always remember that only reading won’t earn you money. Your reading is only successful once you put your knowledge into action. So instead of spending endless hours on reading, put your plans into action side-by-side.

10. Forgetting about Yourself: Do you know, who is your best resource? It’s none other than you and you should never need to think about this. So, concentrate on building your knowledge and exploring your strengths. By doing so, you will put yourself more into a position where success won’t be far.

I hope I could point out some of the most common mistakes that we make in the Blogosphere and it helped you. Share your thoughts about this post through comments below.

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