The Top 10 Ways to NOT Build Your MLM/Network Marketing Business Online

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Just recently, for some completely unknown reason, I am seeing a lot of what I determine to be desperation in a lot of MLMers out there. I’m being accostered WAY more than usual. Not sure as to why that is but because I want YOU to be a fellow Evangelist of our industry and stand in the gap against what I call ‘pimping’, I wanted to share with you what I have learned to be the top 10 ways to make sure you fail in your business from personal recent examples. So without any further ado, here we go:

1. Send private messages to people you don’t know on Facebook asking them to look at your opportunity. This is so incredibly amateur. Just think – if you wouldn’t respond to them, don’t send them.

2. Send private messages to people you don’t know via MeetUp. Let’s face it, MeetUp is a networking hub and you want to build relationships with people. The absolute last way to make a lasting impression is to push your salesy message to people in this way. It just totally reeks of someone desperate who has absolutely no idea about people at all.

3. Continuously push your sales message daily on your personal Facebook page. This is probably the fastest way to completely piss off your friends and family. They probably already are fully aware of what you are doing and if they are not in your organization, chances are they don’t want to be sold into it so just stop it.

4. Tweet about the latest fad or marketing idea that will make thousands of dollars overnight on Twitter and include a link. Do you really think people will click on that? Come on…

5. Send messages to multiple websites via their Contact Page. This is so unbelievably spammy and if you don’t find yourself shut down via your ISP or at least limited in some way, wait for it if you continue to do this. Most websites have filters that weed out this kind of activity and if not, people will just delete it if the message has nothing at all to do with what they do. Website owners are not in the slightest bit interested in hearing your sales message – they are interested in hearing from potential clients. Stop wasting your time and the time of business owners.

6. Join as many Facebook groups as possible and spam your message to group members openly and constantly. Firstly, if you are a member of more than 100 Facebook groups, chances are that any you try and join from there on in will block you because they already know you are a spammer and if you keep spamming your message, there is a high probability the Admin for most of the groups will also block you (unless of course it’s a Group that allows you to share your sales message). Once again, stop wasting your time.

7. As above, but send private messages to Group members. How I hear this one constantly! And let me tell you, it pisses people right off!! Don’t join Facebook Groups just to send private messages to its members. You risk being reported to Facebook and being shut down. It’s just not worth it.

8. Run hype, spam-type ads on Facebook and Twitter without learning how to do it properly and without any sort of targeting. Nothing more to say than you will waste copious amounts of money overnight.

9. Post pictures of your MLM products and services regularly on Pinterest. Trust me, no-one cares a toss. Unless you deliver some kind of value to people for free, they really don’t care about what you are trying to flog them and won’t spend any money without some kind of relationship in place. You just have to trust me on this one.

10. Jumping up and down on any form of social media about how much money you are making. This again is just so amateur and unprofessional, lacks integrity and once again, no-one gives a crap what you are earning. Do you work in a job and tell everyone what you earn? Of course not, so don’t do it with your business either. Firstly, it’s illegal (in Australia at least), secondly it is derogatory because is devalues people earning less who could be very happy with what they are earning and success has nothing to do with a dollar amount and thirdly it creates a pre-conceived notion with people. If you tell people you have earned $1,000 within your first fortnight, a lot of people won’t believe that is possible for them and you eliminate them right from the get go. So certainly celebrate and share your success – but leave the specifics out of it. Sometimes you need to create curiosity and keep some cards close to your chest.

I hope these have been helpful in assisting you to be the professional Networker you are. Avoiding the above will surely be a great start.

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