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Many experts recommend, direct marketing communication letters are best marketing campaign strategy. It can help you reach out your targeted audience in easy and affordable way. Letters are good but they require lot of work. So, what approach you need to consider when you want to reach your targeted audience in the lowest cost. The postcard can be a solution of your problem.

Postcards are using by the people for decades now. In the past, postcards were used for sending wishes to your friends and family. But over them time marketers have found a marketing power in postcards. If you send postcards constantly to your targeted audience, your business recognition will increase. When people will need your products and services they will definitely consider your services.

Here are the benefits that are attached with postcard marketing;

You can simply print postcards on a single sheet of paper that makes it cheap. You don’t need any envelop because postcards are displayed. Just use a high resolution image and basic marketing information. Your cost for mailing is really cheap – 23 cent per postcard.

Postcards can provide you high readership and maximum exposure. They are ready to read. Everyone can simply read your postcard such as, the person who receive, who sent, who deliver, who distribute, postal office workers etc. if your offer is interesting, all of them would like to business with you.

You can customize any design of your postcard. It can be great way of communication with your customers. You can write your marketing copy in formal and informal way.

You can use any image on your postcard any high colored image that explains your postcard message.  A good image can say more than 1000 words. You also need to use good and thick paper for your postcard.

You can get results immediately because you can produce and distribute postcards within 2, 3 weeks. If you put any limited offer on your postcard, you will soon receive response from your targeted audience.

You can control your sales with postcards. You can set a limited amount of postcard to be sent this week or month. This way, a limited people will contact you from a specific area.

If you have right mailing list, you don’t need to spend extra printing and mailing charges. Just send the postcards to the right number of people who have shown interest in your business products and services. Postcard marketing is also good way to update your mailing list.

So, don’t overlook. Postcard can really generate high sales leads and profits.

Stan Coyle has 25 years experience in Direct Mail marketing. He has taught seminars from New York to London and has settled in Tampa, Florida for a semi-retirement of fishing and relaxation. Not being able to leave work alone, he contributes to the success of postcard marketing customers all over the U.S. with his work at can help you with your Every Door Direct Mail marketing postcard programs. We have helped thousands of businesses with their postcard marketing and we are experts in the Every Door Direct Mail program.


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