List Building Strategies: 3 Ways to Get More Subscribers

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In this article I wanted to discuss 3 ways you can get more subscribers on your mailing list. List building strategies are crucial if you want to succeed with making money online. However, it can also become overwhelming if you focus on too many techniques at one time. Let’s look at the 3 techniques I personally use to build my own mailing list of targeted subscribers:

1. Article marketing. Some people will tell you that article writing is dead. They will say “Article marketing is useless.” If this were true, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now, would you? This is a VERY easy strategy for list building. Focus on writing quality articles that help people solve their problems and accomplish their goals. You could also write articles that are “tips” oriented. People love numbers!

For example, you could write something like “7 Top Ways to Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer.” This article would definitely get the attention of people who are worried about getting skin cancer. If you had a newsletter that offered free remedies and skin care products, this sort of article could help you greatly. Just make sure to adjust the article title for the niche topic you are involved in.

Articles are powerful because they create exposure for your business. People can find your articles anywhere and everywhere. This creates trust in the marketplace and credibility for your brand.

2. Solo advertising. This is by far my MOST favorite method. You can literally get 200 subscribers or more in one day using this technique. To implement this technique, simply look for solo ad providers in your niche. Make sure to ask them how they built their email opt-in list. Also, be careful who you do business with. If they seem “fishy,” like not answering your questions, don’t purchase an ad from them. Instead, create a contact list of people whom you find to be trustworthy.

Solo ads work extremely well. In time, you will be able to spend more on your advertising and build your list even faster.

3. Free gift creation. This is a little more advanced, but it’s easier than ever before with the available software to create PDF documents. You can create a free report or e-book that teaches them something of value. Within the e-book itself, you can link to your lead capture page and generate more leads. This is effective at generating high quality subscribers because they just read something that you wrote. If they liked what they read, they will be one of the people who open most, if not all of your emails.

That’s it. Those are the 3 things I do every day to build my own targeted list of opt-in subscribers. As you probably know, email marketing is the most profitable thing you can do in your business ventures. You can promote new products that you create and make money literally over-night. This is because you have the ability to get “eye balls” on your new product immediately. I hope that these 3 techniques help you in your online list building ventures. Good luck!

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