Internet Business Strategy – How to Form a Profitable Business Online

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Internet Business Strategy – How to Form a Profitable Business Online

Internet Business Strategy is so very important online. You see, you cannot blindly jump online, do anything that strikes your fancy, and generally make money.

You typically have to take very specific steps to make that happen.

What is my favorite internet business strategy?

I like a program that includes creating my own product, and selling it via online means. So how do you do just that?

Here are my very own internet business strategy steps for success online:

1) I first determine a niche market that will work for me.

2) Next, I build a web site for that niche market.

3) At this point, I do keyword research to find the top ten keywords for which I think I can rank in the top ten search results.

4) I now apply search engine optimization, link management services or techniques to my web site, both on-page and off-page.

5) Next, I write articles to direct traffic to my web site.

6) Then, I build a squeeze page (or many) and send the traffic from my articles and from the search engines to these squeeze pages.

7) Next, I build lists out of my visitors.

8) I develop a relationship with my subscribers.

9) Over time, my subscribers become the backbone of my business.

You can literally follow this step-by-step system for creating long term businesses online, incorporating the very same internet marketing strategy as I do to create massive streams of long term income. Just start at #1 and work through each of the steps.

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