How To Send A Broadcast Email Using AWeber: email marketing

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Want to send an email to all or portions of your list at one time?

Open your AWeber account.

Choose the list to which you want to send your email.

Under the “Messages” tab, select “Broadcasts.”

Click on the “Create A Broadcast” or “Create Your First Broadcast” button.

Insert your subject in the subject line (it says “Insert Your Subject Here”).

Click the “Personalize” button to personalize your subject. Just select the personalization you wish.

If you wish to use the template which is already loaded, just double click on “Click here and start typing your message.”

Then key in your message.

If you’d rather have a different template, click on the blue “Templates” button.

Then click “Categories” to see the various templates available. Many have color schemes below them from which you can choose.

Click on the template you want, then click “Apply.”

The template will load and you are ready to start typing your message.

By clicking inside your template, you will bring up buttons which allow you to change the alignment of your text.

To add new blocks to your message, just drag them from the top bar into the body of your message.

When you start typing, you will see a toolbar at the top which will allow you to change font, font size & color, add links, etc.

Once your message is complete, you will see a paper clip and a green “Save” button at the lower right.

To add an attachment, click the paper clip. When you are ready, click the green “Save” button.

When it turns black, click on the green “Next” button right below it.

The Sharing Page will come up.

On it, you can choose to archive your message by turning “Sharing” on. Then you can also post it to Facebook and/or Twitter by inserting their URLs.

Then click “Next” and the “Scheduler” page will open.

To schedule your message to go out at a later time, click “Schedule For Later,” or click the “Off” button to turn it on. To send it immediately, just skip to the “Send Options” below.

On the calendar, click on the date you wish to send your message. A pop-up will appear which allows you to choose the time for it to be sent.

Click each of the time areas and choose the exact time you want, then click “Set.”

To the right, you can choose to include other lists or segments, as well as “Track Clicks” and “Email me when QuickStats are available.”

Then click the green “Schedule and Queue for” button, or the green “Save Message” button if you are sending immediately.

Success! Your message is either scheduled for later delivery or on its way.

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