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Twit your affiliate campaign and get free traffic for free.

Yes, social network will ease you to get free traffic to your sales page. As you know , it’s all just about numbers game. So the more relevant you offer a products to the right visitors mixed with more visitors means make you rich!

How rich can u be? What about several additional free sales from Twitter daily, from facebook, friendster, and the other social network too?

Tips for your Twitter account to make more followers

– be active means update your account, give another 140 characters message with quality.

-value give them value, like inspiring them, make them feel happy by your post, and make it fun!

-more followers it’s not just about quality, it’s quantity too. Consider about hundreds of followers, thousands followers?

-don’t post only advertising lots of marketers get the wrong way by giving advertising all the time. It won’t work , I promise you!

-be scheduled to optimised your work, get some schedule on it. Like this: post 5 times a day ( at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 5pm, 7pm), search people to follow ( like 10 minutes a day with target 10 people or something), what to post in each time.

Again, numbers game. If you have 20,000 followers and you have a niche to promote. Let’s say you do this consistently and we have only 1% people to buy it. How much you make ? Let’s say you have $ 10 profit per sales: ( 10% x 20,000 ) x $ 10 = $ 20,000. Free traffic from Twitter, free money from Twitter! After this you can make more money by promoting another products to them.

Bonus tips:

After you sell them the 1st time, keep up your relationship with them. We’re talking about long lasting business relationship. Why? Cross sell them will be your next target. Send them private email, some tips useful for them, etc.AC

The 20,000 people followers will grow. Your next market will be bigger than 20,000 people, it’s getting EASIER to make more sales!

Make the people have bought the products from you to talk about their satisfation for buying the products from you and find it very helpful, useful , give them lots of benefit, etc.

Don’t you think this will make you easier to sell things more than this?

So keep giving other people benefit, they will trust you, buy from you, you get richer. I promise you!

How to make free traffic of Facebook vs Twitter; numbers of game illustration

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