Fast Easy Free Trick To Increase Optins Using Facebook Fan Pages

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Social Media sites such as Facebook are fast becoming the number one traffic resource for both Affiliate Marketers and Internet Marketers alike, especially the use of Facebook fan pages.

The Facebook fan is not much different to a personal Facebook account, except for one main reason, there is no limit to the amount of fans or likes page can have.

So whilst a personal account is limited to 5000 friends, a fan page is not capped in such a way.

Fan Pages can be set up in literally under 5 minutes and need no coding knowledge whatsoever which makes them an ideal option for beginners to Internet and Affiliate Marketing.

Once a Facebook fan page has been created it is highly customizable with profile images, the import of feeds from external sites such as WordPress Blogs, Aweber and other Autoresponder services, EzineArticles and other article directories, Twitter and many more websites online.

This means you can create your content once then automatically feed it into your Facebook fan page, meaning it does not require constant content to be added.

Of course the process of setting up a fan page is simple, getting Facebook users to like your page or become a fan can be slightly more difficult.

That is why I would like to share with you my number one tip for getting fans on your fanpage and as a double whammy, adding optins to your mailing or subscriber list.

The technique is known as the Facebook fan page reveal method.

Essentially you require 5 things in order for this method to work.

1. The reveal code script.

This script can be found for free on many blogs, simple Google the search term and you shall find it.

2. Blur Image

The blur image is the image that is shown to non-fans or people who have not liked your page yet.

3. Clear image

The clear image is revealed to fans only, so in order to see that image a person has to like your page.

4. A free gift

In order to entice the sign up or opt in you will of course have to offer a gift of high quality on the squeeze page or reveal image.

5. Opt In Code

In order to collect the opt in or subscriber details you will need to use an autoresponder service such as Aweber.

And that is essentially all you need.

You upload the script with your optin code and links to both images.

You then promote your Facebook fan page link, and hey presto, you will get people to like your page and optin to your mailing list.

Of course the true value of your Facebook page is to ensure that you provide value, if no valuable content is added then you will lose fans quickly.

So you should interact with you fans, provide value, offer help, advice and tips and above all never mistreat your fans.

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