Effective Leadership Values – How to Be a Great Leader

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“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” — Quote from Dwight Eisenhower

Are you looking for the real essence of effective leadership?

If yes, then you have found the right place to read more about these three effective leadership values you can follow and apply to your team/s activities.

When you want to become an effective leader, you should first know the definition of leadership. You may find several definitions, but not all of the ones I am thinking of.

. If you believe that being a leader is equal to fame, forget it. Don’t waste your time and the time of others trying to be a leader simply because you want to be popular.

. More than that, if you believe that with leadership comes the power to exercise your authority over others, then you are on the wrong track. Being a leader means that you have to be with other people and not step on them.

. Finally, if you want to be a leader on the ground of gaining more wealth for your own personal use or gain, then you do not serve your most useful purpose.

Now, what really is leadership, or should I say, “effective” leadership?

When can you truly say that you possess effective leadership values?

Number ONE on my list is Humility.

If you already possess humility then you already have this important leadership value, and it is definitely a bonus.

If you desire to lead others, then you must humble yourself to determine the real essence of service. It is only when you learn how to to be with the people who serve you, can you truly lead them and understand what it takes to motivate them.

Furthermore, with humility as your primary leadership value, it is easier for you to work harder and go beyond what you normally would do. When you possess this quality you are not above or afraid of working alongside your employees.

Number TWO on my lost is Honesty.

When used for leadership, honesty makes you a more transparent leader. You would never withhold or hide information from your employees since you don’t worry about whether or not you are doing anything wrong. Should things go sideways, as they can sometimes then honesty gives you the courage to face your employees to expose, explore and share the truth.

With honesty comes accountability and respect. You become more responsible for your actions since you know perfectly well that you are not the master to the people who work for you. You also become more careful with your actions since the concealing the truth would upset your belief system and conscience.

Number THREE on my list of is Selflessness.

Being a leader requires a lot. You are not placed on the spot for your personal gains and deep pockets. Instead, you are considered a leader because you have offered yourself to others as a role model and mentor.

Leadership means looking after what you can give rather than what you can take. This is where many people fail. They think that by becoming a leader, they have more opportunities to achieve what they personally want.

What some people forget is that being a leader is an opportunity to help and reach out to many people.

You may be a leader in a company, a religious organization, civic organization, or wherever you are a member and set out to take a positive role as a leader. If you are then these three effective leadership values will help your success.

Humility, honesty, and selflessness are generic. No good leader is exempt from obtaining these leadership values. It does not matter if you may be handling two, three, or millions of people. What matters most is that you bring with you these values wherever you are asked to take on the role of leader.

With these traits, you will gain the status of an, “effective and respected leader. “

Make the most out of the opportunities to lead others well. Be THAT PERSON who others agree, “Would follow him (or her) anywhere.”

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