5 Ways to Make Money Using Your Blog

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There are many reasons why more and more people are having own blog/website now. Beside blogs are a good place for sharing one’s interest with the world, they are also easy to set up as it does not require massive programming and web design skill, and one of the popular reasons is you can earn money easily by using blogs. Here are some 5 ways you can do to make money using your blog/site.

1. Merchandising
This can be very profitable especially for the blog which have a strong fan base. You can use CafePress.com, which enable you to put your blog’s logo on t-shirts, coasters, bags, and other items that you want to sell. You may even write and self-publish your own books with self-publishing services like Lulu.com.

2. PPC Advertising Networks
Sign up with PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising networks and paste some generated code on your blog. The network will then serve contextual ads (either text or images) relevant to your blog contents. When each time your visitors click on those displayed ads, you will get paid.

3. Affiliate Programs
One of the easiest ways to make money, there are hundreds or probably thousands of affiliate programs you can choose from online. Most of them are free to join. Promote a program which relevant to your blog’s niche. Basically what you do is to promote other people’s products on your blog, by way of placing image, text link or banner. You earn commission each time your visitors bought the products or services through your site. Best type of affiliate program is the one with residual commission. These are the products or programs which incurred monthly subscription fee, means you will get monthly commission so long they stay using it.

4. Create a Private Forum
Create a private forum where members will pay one-time fee or recurring fee to join. If you want to charge a higher price for a forum membership, you need to provide real value for the members.

5. Teaching programs
More and more internet user are learning or searching for information online. Thus creating a teaching program relevant to the niche of your blog could work well. There is a wide range of media and tools that you can use to deliver the teaching program, from text articles to audio and video lessons.

The above are some of the easiest way to make money from your blog/site, all you have to do is take some time to explore them, get serious and start with it.

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