4 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Help You Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website

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In this article you will learn 4 social media marketing tips that can help you drive targeted traffic to your website. Social media is one of the most powerful methods on driving targeted traffic if you know what you’re doing. It is usually underrated as a less effective traffic generation method. I feel it is necessary to share these social media marketing tips to help people get more traffic to their website.

Number one: The first of the four social media marketing tips is to make friends that have an interest in what you are promoting. If you’re promoting products in the dog training niche it is best to find friends that have an interest in training their dog. When you start to put free material on your page it will be helpful to the friends that you’ve gathered. If you go and gather random friends with no common interests it will be hard for you to use this as a traffic generation source.

Number two: The second of the four social media marketing tips is to share useful information with no intention of making money. People have a way of being able to spot a marketer a mile away. When you have a useful piece of information put it on your page without having any affiliate links.

Sharing useful information will help you build stronger relationships and trust among your friends. Lack of trust is one of the biggest reasons why people do not click on other people’s links. Building a friendship and sharing useful information will go a long way.

Number three: The third of the four social media marketing tips is to get involved on your friends profiles. Making comments on their updates will show that you have an interest in them. When you have updates yourself it will be natural for your friends to want to make comments. Always come with a positive mindset when you’re making comments. Nobody likes to be put down on their own profile. Showing interest in their profile by commenting on pictures for any update will build a stronger relationship between your friends.

Number four: The last of the social media marketing tips is to get people used to clicking on your links. If you do not feel qualified to give highly entertaining material you can go get it from other places. You can go find an entertaining story and post it on your profile. Putting funny stories or shocking stories will get people used to clicking through the link that you put up. When it comes time for you to put your own website they will be used to clicking on your link. Use these four social media marketing tips as a way of getting targeted traffic and building strong relationships with your social media friends.

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