10 Reasons Why It’s Hard for You to Attract Women

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Most guys don’t have the luck nor the success that they want attracting women.

Most of the time, they are operating out of the “hope and pray” strategy.

Which basically means…

They don’t have any strategy at all.

They would rather wait for good fortune to come their way than to try to make things happen.

The problem with that is…

It usually just leads to a lot of lonely nights.

Before you can craft a better strategy, though, you kind of have to know why it is hard for you to

attract women.

When you know why it’s hard, then you have a pretty decent chance at being able to turn things around

for yourself.

Here are 10 of what I find to be the more common reasons why it is hard for most guys to attract women.

You might agree with some, disagree with others, but a few will probably apply to you.

So, here they are:

1. You work too many hours to go out and meet women.

This is a hard one to deal with, but it can be done. When you do work a lot of hours, the last thing that you need is a strategy that doesn’t produce well. You need to have an efficient strategy for meeting women.

2. You don’t believe there are a lot of quality women out there.

This is the mindset that afflicts a lot of guys who have been burned before. If you don’t believe that there are a lot of quality women to meet, you are probably not going to put much effort into meeting them. So, this has to change if you want better results.

3. You rely on the “she should approach me” mentality.

A lot of guys have this idea that the woman should just approach them. Problem is, the guys who think this is the way it should be are usually not the kind of guys women approach. Waiting for her to make the move is one of the slowest ways to try to meet and attract women.

4. You hang out with guys only.

The problem with hanging out with guys only, is that you usually have a hard time relating to women. And a lot of women do get turned off by guys who are with a crowd of other guys.

5. Your flirting skills need to improve.

This is also pretty common. You have to remember that you need to leave your ego at the door. If your flirting isn’t getting you the results that you want… chances are, they need some improving. That’s okay. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to get it right, just the realization that this might be something that you could work on.

6. You get torn apart by one rejection.

If one rejection absolutely crushes you, then yeah, it is going to be hard to attract women. Rejection kind of comes with the territory, though there ARE plenty of things that you can do that will eliminate most rejections. You still need to be able to brush it off when it happens.

7. You live in the past.

Are you the kind of guy who still remembers that one girl who broke your heart and you assume that all women are going to be like her? If so, that needs to change. Think about the NOW.

8. You are “friends only” material.

This is what happens to a lot of guys who actually do okay when it comes to meeting and making conversation with women. They end up being seen as friends material. As long as you come across that way, then that is the way that most women are going to see you.

9. You get tongue tied and the conversation dies.

Not being able to hold your end of the conversation is always going to make it harder to attract a woman. You have to be able to hold up your end and make it fun for her to talk to you. If you do, then you are going to see that most women want to get to know you better.

10. You don’t ask women out.

Okay, so a lot of guys will complain about having a hard time attracting women, then they will admit that they have a hard time asking for a date. No matter what, if you don’t ask for the date, you really can’t complain. You have to be able to ask and ask in a way that makes it HARD for her to say no to you.

If any one of these 10 apply to you and your situation, you CAN turn things around. Of course, you have to be willing because it is not going to just “magically” happen. You have to work at it, but if you know what the right things to do are… it really doesn’t seem like work at all.

It seems like FUN.

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